5 Tips For Working With A Moving Company

A big move is made easier if you hire a moving company. The following tips can help you successfully navigate the process.

1. Book Early

There are a few factors that impact how early you should book movers. For local moves in the off-season, two weeks out from moving day may be sufficient. If you are moving in summer or at a high turnover time, such as around college move-out in a university town, then four to six weeks is better. Long-distance moves should be booked six to eight weeks out from the moving date at minimum, as a general rule.

2. Request Onsite Quotes

Any quotes for the price should be produced when the moving company comes onsite to assess your home and belongings. Quotes given over the phone that are based on the number of bedrooms in your home and the distance of the move may not reflect the actual cost of the move. Prioritize companies that offer some sort of quote guarantee, such as guaranteeing that the final amount will be within 10% of the quote.

3. Consider Optional Services

Many movers provide a range of optional services. These can include packing and unpacking services or furniture assembly services. These services are especially helpful if you are moving to a new town where you won't have friends and family to help you at the other end. It's often less expensive to add these services on at the time of booking, as you may be able to get a discount for bundling the moving tasks. 

4. Know the Claim Window

Although most movers take great care not to damage your items, accidents can happen. Know the window for making a claim at the time of the move. This way, you can be sure to unpack and check all of your belongings within this claim window. Further, read everything carefully before committing a signature, to be sure you understand the claim window and the liability of the movers.

5. Take Out Insurance

Make sure your belongings are covered during transit and when they are being handled by the movers. You can check with your current homeowner's policy to see if there is coverage or if you can add on umbrella coverage for the move. Many moving services also sell insurance coverage or provide a preset amount of coverage if you are interested. 

Contact a moving company if you are ready to schedule your move now.