Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving out of your parent's house, whether after college or after a few years of working, is probably something you've been looking forward to. However, when you look around at everything you own and think about moving it, worry might set in and it may seem like a much better undertaking than you expected. Luckily, moving suggestions like those down below can organize your thoughts and actions so this time is as exciting as you always hoped.

Clear Clutter First

A big mistake made is packing up whatever you own because one day an item could be needed. However, moving into a small apartment, you just don't have the space for objects you don't love or need. If you haven't used a boogie board for years, for instance, it's time to give it to a friend. If you were a size 6 in high school but now wear a size 12, don't hang onto those clothes because one day you'll go on a diet. Only take constantly used and wanted items with you. You'll have less to pack, carry and unpack.

Don't Overspend on Supplies

You may think you're being responsible by purchasing tape, packing peanuts, tissue paper, plastic bins and boxes for your apartment move, but you could very easily wind up spending far more than needed. Look for ways that you can trim those packing costs; for instance, you may be able to use your clean towels to tightly wrap anything you own that's fragile. Look at store dumpsters for free boxes before they're crushed. In fact, your own co-workers and friends may have connections with employees and managers at retail stores who can pass some brown boxes your way without putting out a cent.

Get Movers

You might already be planning to get friends or family to give you help. However, the process can last longer and be less organized as you socialize or have to wait for people to show up. To get it over with and ensure your things aren't broken, professional movers might be the better choice. Not only will they move things, in some cases they pack and take down and reassemble furniture, which could be critical if you want to sleep in a real bed your first night in the apartment.

This information should give you enough advice to turn this moving project into one that's manageable. When you have questions, ask apartment movers for guidance.